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Water Solutions

PumpnMech helps both public and private utility companies, through engineering, project management, and advisory services to ensure the effective management, operation, performance, and integrity of water supply and distribution systems. 

Our services assist these entities in providing consumers, communities, and industrial sectors with water for potable and non-potable uses.

PumpnMech also provides value-added solutions to critical issues surrounding agricultural water demand, domestic and commercial water supply, related infrastructure asset development, and long-term asset management. 

PumpnMech also works closely with the agricultural sector, which consumes more water than urban and industrial uses combined, to provide solutions to critical issues surrounding global water use patterns.

Let's solve the water folks. PumpnMech can assist with respect to the collection, treatment, storage, and distribution of water. PumpnMech provides economical and efficient solutions for water supply and distribution system projects that focus on meeting client objectives while ensuring compliance with strict regulatory standards.

Our areas of expertise include water research, evaluations, and economic planning of supply and distribution networks - including borehole drilling, reservoirs, pumping and pressure-boosting stations, water reticulation and water treatment systems, wastewater recycling and water-main networks, and water irrigation systems.

PumpnMech services for clients include:
  • Community Water Schemes
  • Asset Management
  • Borehole drilling; Installation and Maintenance
  • Yield testing
  • On-farm Water Storage and Irrigation
  • Water Treatment and Purification
  • WaterRreticulation
  • Water Re-Use
  • Water Reclamation
  • Wastewater & Grey Water Recycling

We also provide integrated advisory and engineering services, as well as permitting support on complex water projects.

Address: 21 Joe Slovo, Zumaysha House, Durban 4001, South Africa
Mobile | WhatsApp: 064 282 2698
Landline: 031 100 3125




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